The pots I make are thrown on a wheel or hand-built, sometimes a combination of both.

My glazes are mostly developed in my studio. Sometimes I use slip under my glazes, some of which is dug from the garden. I love to make a glaze which will move on the pot but doesn’t run off and stick the pot to the shelf. Opening the door once the kiln has cooled is nerve wracking!

Hand Built with a Difference

I love the overall effect of the layers and the slight runs.

three layered pots

I liked them enough to make some more

Bamboo and cake

Did The Glazes run?

Yes! Looks good this time!

Moving Glazes

Pots and Beads

Sea Greens

Blue Jars

Here are three jars with my studio developed glaze.

The tactile blue glaze on these jars has some attractive green flecks caused by extra heat in the kiln.

blue jars

Geometric Vases

Attractive Vases

  • built up from rolled out clay which is cut into small geometric pieces and joined together.

Very time consuming!

geometric vases

Wheel Thrown Bowl

This bowl has a white glaze making an interesting pattern over the shiny blue glaze.

Bowl blue glaze

Washing Up

Making glazes and applying to my pots leaves a lot of washing up!

washing up