My jewellery includes necklaces, pendants, bracelets and earrings.

I make my beads in various sizes and shapes before baking and using as the key feature in my jewellery designs.

Butterfly and Daisy Beads ready for baking.

Tray of beads

Finished Necklaces with Bracelet and Pots

Daisies and Butterflies

Here are some more of my pieces:

Bold Pink Necklaces

Striking necklaces in different lengths.

fuchsia beads

Necklaces with Bamboo-style Vase

Bamboo and Necklaces

Subtle Blue

blue necklaces

Flower Cane and Necklace

Hand made and unique. Each cane I make comes out differently.

Flower Cane

Flower Beads

Great Greens

Polymer clay beads to enjoy wearing anytime!

Here are a necklace and bracelet.


Purple Beads

necklace of purple beads


Made on memory wire, bracelets like these need no fastening. They just bounce back to their original shape when you put them on.

turquoise bracelet

Blue Pendant

Just one of many of my unique pendants.

Brighten up an outfit with this lively pendant.

Chain measures 29.5” (75cm) approx.

blue pendant

A Few of My Earrings

earring stand